Total Extreme Radio (TXR) was founded in 2009 by Walter Volmer (DJ Walt).  Our main office is located in Blackwell, Oklahoma.  DJ Walt started the station as a way to provide quality music entertainment to listeners.  He provides a great listening experience.
     James Finchum (DJ Flame) has been part of the TXR Family since 2009.  He began as a DJ with TXR, provided quality entertainment for faithful listeners.  He was honored for his years of faithful dedication recently being promoted to Station Manager.
     Except for a short hiatus, TXR has been On Air since 2009.
     TXR is a licensed internet radio station.  We offer on air advertisement for a an reasonable price.  TXR offers a wide range genre of music for listeners.  Our DJs are always live, take requests, and mention faithful listeners on air (called a Shout Out).
     We average 5-6 million listeners worldwide at any given time.  During Prime Time we have at least 6 million listeners.
     We ask for our faithful listeners to help TXR to grow.  Pass the word to your friends, family.  Tell them to visit our Website and see how easy it is to listen in.
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